Ninon Lapeiretta Pichardo

Her name was:

Ninon Lapeiretta Pichardo de Brouwer

…This is the record of the life history of a great woman. The story of her life and her family.

This biography is quoted out of historical published texts and first hand accounts from family and friends who were touched by her life.

Much has been written about Ninon. Most recently a book titled “The 100 Most Notable Dominican People” gives the following accouting of her professional acheivments…

      Ninon Lapeiretta Pichardo was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on January 4th, 1907. With great vocacion and artistic manifestation she studied under the care of Maestros Graciela Abreu de Lluberes and Lolita Alardo de Garcia. In the Lyceum she initiated her studies of piano with notable composer Jose de Jesus Ravelo. She was then only five years old. Those formative early years groomed her for a future in the world of the Fine Arts.

      In time, she had more advanced teachers, like Blanca Mieses Polanco, and in 1941 she would deepen her knowledge of composing with famed Symphonic Orchestra Director, Casal Chapi.

      The young and talented Lapeiretta, was an arduos student and was soon prepared for a career as a soloist… she offered several concerts and was the founder of several artistic institutions which were a great cultural achievement for the country. She served as Secretary for the Association of Dominican Authors and Composers, and in 1944, during the turmoil of World War II, Lapeiretta collaborated with the United Nations by way of speeches of courage transmitted through radio broadcasts for the department of War in New York City.

       As a result of her work in those days, several of her early compositions were published in albums of the “Alpha Music” and the then famous “Music Corporation.” Among her composition of great notoriety we are proud to mention a Pastoral Prelude for an orchestra Overture Jocosa, and a full orchestra suite Arcaica for a section of cord instruments. This piece was played on February 27th, 1944 by the B.B.C. of London, in salute in 1943 by the Symphonic Orchestra of Santo Domingo, with soloist Soprano Dora Merten from Vienna. Also, invention and Fuga, tow Internezzos, Estudio Allegro danzante, for piano and her ballet, “La Diosa del Caribe”.

      In 1963 her composition Suite of “Danza” won 2nd place at the New York Musical Contest celebrated that year. Her work and her name had already gained merit among the critics.

      It was her petition to the President of the Republic that the 22nd of November would be declared “The Day of Musician”, and so it was.

      She founded The Circle of the Beautiful Arts, The Dominican Association of Concerts, and Pro Art Association in 1954. After 24 years as President of Pro Art, the Ateneo Dominicano declared an homage to distinguished Dominican Concertists. It was said of her by Historian Dr. Jaime Julia: “Ninon Laperiretta has been an arduous worker, who in spite of personal life and health obstacles continued to contribute and cultivate and educate the public on the Fine Arts and Classical Music. As a Classical Music Impresario, she offered the most talented and World Famous artists to the Dominican Republic, organizing and financing concerts, plays and operas.

       There is no doubt then, that Ninon Lapeiretta belongs to that group of the Super Genius with the Capacity to create things for the well-being, beauty and culture of the Country.

Ninon, on May 3rd 1959, directed the National Symphonic orchestra of the Dominican Republic making her one of history’s first women to direct a symphony. 

Ninon died on September 22nd, 1989 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic at the age of 82. Her children were at her side. Her grandson Randy had just returned home and was recovering from his third place finish in the Race Across America, to receive the bad news.


In The Beginning

Little Ninon was born in 1907 in the city of Santo Domingo. Her Mother was Natalia Pichardo Gomez. Her father was Alesandro Lepeiretta, a French Immigrant.

Ninon married Luis Antonio Brouwer Castillo around 1928. She founded The Sociedad Pro Arte (The Society for Fine Arts) on “date needed”

Ninon died on September 22nd, 1989 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic at the age of 82. Her children were at her side. At her funeral:

Her Family

Her Mother was Natalia Pichardo Gomez. Her father was Alessandro Lapeiretta. Her children were born in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

First daughter  – Myrna 8/25/1929

Second daughter – Lilia 11/19/1930

First/only son – Luis (Picho) 3/6/1934

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